OMG, That Was A Big Day

Congratulations @barackobama, it looks like you’ll be the first President of the United States to have an official Twitter account. Also, thanks for taking part in an event that had a dramatic effect on Twitter activity and exposure worldwide. Here are some quick stats from yesterday.

  • Updates increased 46% from previous Tuesday
  • 7p-9p PST updates up 200% compared to same time last week
  • Signups on Tuesday were up 40.3%
  • Between 7p-9p PST signups were up 96.5% compared to same time last week
  • Messages per second peaked almost 3x compared to first debate

And through it all, not a whale in site! Our technical approach over the last several months has been to find the weakest point of the system, fix it so it’s no longer the weakest, move to the next weakest point, and so on. This simple technique has vastly improved performance, reliability, and capacity. We’ve got a lot of work ahead but yesterday certainly gave us hope.