Tip #25: Make a list of friends and family so you can quickly find their Tweets.

If you’re like me, you follow a bunch of accounts on Twitter, not just your friends and family members. So, how can you easily locate and read these very special people’s Tweets within that stream of news and information in your timeline? Make a list! Just like @noahvail suggested above, putting a specific group of users – in this case friends and family – in a list allows you to quickly view a timeline containing only their Tweets.

To make a list, click the “Lists” tab on your Twitter homepage. From the dropdown menu, choose “Create a list” and pick a name for it. Once that’s done, individually add users to your list. Wherever you see a user’s profile on Twitter, look for the lists dropdown menu like the one shown below. Click that button to add or remove that user from your lists. The thing most people don’t know is that you can add people to your lists even if you don’t follow them. It’s true! When creating a list, you can also choose whether to make it public – accessible to everyone – or private, which means only you can see it.

Want some more help with lists? Check out this tutorial in our help center.