Extend your reach to BlackBerry and target across platforms

Last month, we rolled out Promoted Tweets in timelines on iOS and Android mobile devices. To help brands connect with even more mobile users, today we’re extending Promoted Tweets to BlackBerry devices and introducing the ability for advertisers to target BlackBerry devices, in addition to iOS and Android.

Now brands can refine their reach by targeting users with platform-specific messages across Twitter.com, iOS, Android, BlackBerry and other mobile devices. Meanwhile, BlackBerry users may start to see Promoted Tweets with deals, discounts, news and information from brands even on the go.

Promoted Tweets on BlackBerry will be displayed at or near the top of the timelines of a brand’s followers and users with interests similar to the brand’s followers. Promoted Tweets will appear in a BlackBerry user’s timeline only once and can be dismissed, mirroring the experience on Twitter.com.

Promoted Tweets on BlackBerry and the ability to target campaigns to specific devices and platforms will help brands more easily connect to Twitter users —anywhere, anytime.