A fresh take on campaign setup


We launched Twitter Ads more than three years ago; since then we’ve been busy adding new features, including more targeting options to help you reach new audiences, and additional reporting capabilities to help analyze campaigns as they’ve become increasingly sophisticated.

Because of these advancements, setting up new campaigns has become slightly more complex. So starting today, based on feedback from advertisers and our own research, it will be easier for advertisers to get campaigns up and running on Twitter Ads.

What does this mean for marketers using Twitter? You should find a friendlier and more intuitive campaign setup experience, one that gives you greater guidance and feedback to set up campaigns successfully on the first try.

For newcomers to our product, we’ve added more information and visual aids showing how our products work. Finally, we are introducing the ability for you to save draft campaigns — so if you need to step away, or want to pass a draft off to another team member to complete setup, you can.

This new campaign experience begins today; it should be in the hands of all advertisers within a few weeks. We hope these improvements give you a simpler, more efficient experience in managing your Twitter Ads campaigns. We look forward to your feedback and have more improvements coming soon.

Posted by Luke Andrews - @attaboy
Designer, Twitter Ads