Adidas serves an ace with Andy Murray Wimbledon hashtags


Adidas saw its two Wimbledon final hashtags outperform the Champions League by racking up a whopping 30,000 mentions on Sunday, as Andy Murray beat Novak Djokovic to take the men’s trophy.

The #AllinforMurray hashtag was mentioned some 20,400 times while #Hitthewinner, Adidas’ real-time game, was mentioned a further 8,500 times and produced strong engagement rates. For the Champions League final in May, Adidas promoted #Allforthis and managed 14,300 mentions.

Both of Adidas’ Wimbledon hashtags were retweeted by Murray, giving the brand major exposure and ensuring that a number of its Tweets were heavily shared. Murray also mentioned the hashtags in his own Tweets, with several being shared thousands of times.

Adidas amplified its organic Twitter activity by using Promoted Tweets in timeline and search. While #Allinformurray trended throughout Sunday, Adidas didn’t trend with #Hitthewinner, but a Promoted Trend would have allowed it to own the top spot for 24-hours.

The combined organic and paid for activity helped @AdidasUK to gain about 35,000 new followers and emerge as the number one brand people were mentioning on Twitter during the Wimbledon final.

Over the entire course of the two week Wimbledon tournament, #Hitthewinner attracted 20,700 mentions as fans flocked to win merchandise by guessing where on a grid where Murray would land a winning shot.

However, it was #AllinforMurray, which was a continuation of its overarching brand #allin hashtag, that was the star performer. It amassed a total of 31,500 mentions during Wimbledon.

Overall, Wimbledon was mentioned 4.39 million times during the entire tournament, with the peak in mentions coming towards the climax of the match as Murray edged closer to victory over Djokovic at 17.25 BST. There are more graphs and top Tweets from Sunday on our UK blog showing how Murray lit up Twitter and made British sporting history.