Insights from the first year of @TwitterSmallBiz


Today marks the one-year anniversary of Twitter Ads being available to all advertisers in the U.S. To celebrate this milestone, we’d like to reflect on our progress, communicate where we’re headed and say thank you — to you.

First, our thanks to you, because we’re only as successful as you and businesses like yours. As we work to help you achieve your marketing goals on Twitter, we’re constantly impressed by the creative, high-impact work we’re seeing from SMBs on the platform. Thank you for your continuous feedback that has informed Twitter Small Biz.

Over the past 12 months, we’ve made a gradual but significant shift in our product offerings. It’s already the case that Twitter is a highly effective platform for advertisers to generate engagement and build brand awareness. 

This year, we’ve launched products to help SMBs connect on-Twitter engagement with tangible off-Twitter results, such as website traffic, sales leads and online conversions.

To help you take advantage of these products, we’ve created a number of resources to show how to best achieve your direct response goals and measure your performance.

Our direct response products have created opportunities for SMBs to show the world how to get real value out of Twitter Ads. For example, managerial intelligence company @tenXer generated 350% more software downloads with Twitter than any other marketing platform. And marketing software company @Buzzstream saw the most content downloads from Twitter compared to other channels — at the lowest cost per download.

Looking ahead, you can expect Twitter to deliver even more value to your business as we:

  • continue providing free resources like our #MktgKickstart guide that can help you drive your organic and paid Twitter presence
  • enhance our products to help you achieve your business goals
  • continue to simplify and streamline the ads-buying experience

Without a doubt, it’s been an exciting year for Twitter Small Biz. Thanks for partnering with us — we look forward to supporting your business in the years ahead.