5 things you might not know about Twitter analytics


A version of this post was originally written and published as a guest feature on Hubspot’s marketing blog.

With hundreds of millions of users sending 500 million Tweets each day, we always have data on our minds at Twitter. We know that the most helpful data for businesses can often be your own. To help you learn from your past Tweets and plan for the future, we’ve been rolling out new features across all our free Twitter analytics dashboards.

Here are five things you can do with Twitter’s powerful analytics:

  1. Check analytics on your mobile phone

    Out and about, but with Tweets on your mind? You can hit the graph icon on an individual Tweet to check on its engagements. 

    Tweet on mobile screenshotTweet activity on mobile screenshot

    If you’re checking in on the Promoted Tweets in your Twitter Ads campaigns, you can go even further: the new Twitter Ads companion allows you to monitor and edit your campaigns from your mobile phone. You can change your campaign start and end dates, pause or resume a campaign and edit your budget and bid. 
  2. Get monthly reports

    Account home provides a handy overview of your Twitter statistics, with monthly averages for engagement rates, replies and more. So the next time your boss is asking for a wrap-up, you’re just a click away.

    Account home screenshot
    Summary screenshot

    Want an even deeper dive? Visit the Tweet activity dashboard to see in-depth metrics for your individual Tweets. We start with impressions and total engagements — we’ll do the math, and calculate your engagement rate, too. If you click on a Tweet, you’ll see engagement broken down even further, into Retweets, favorites, clicks on media, replies, link clicks, follows and more. If that’s still not enough data for you, you can download the data on your last 3200 Tweets, going back as far as October 2013.
  3. Uncover your influencers

    It’s not just about statistics — your account home has even more in store. It’ll let you know who your top follower is every month, in terms of reach. You can also see whose Tweet mentioning your handle drove the most engagements. This is the place to start when you’re looking to kick-off a co-marketing venture or find a business partner.

    Top mention screenshotTop follower screenshot

  4. Get to know your followers

    Aside from the fact that they all made the (great) decision to follow you, do your followers have anything else in common? The followers dashboard is loaded with audience insights that can help you answer that question, and many more. You can track your follower growth over time, see their top interests and uncover their demographics. You can also benchmark your numbers against the total Twitter user base and find out what makes your community stand out.

    Follower audience size screenshotInterests screenshot

    We’ve also recently introduced personas. This means that, in addition to your followers, you can now get to know specific audiences on Twitter such as parents, millennials or small business decision-makers. Once you find the persona that matches your desired audience, you can target them in an ads campaign with one click, directly from your audience insights dashboard. Personas are currently only available to advertisers in the U.S., but we’re working to roll out this new tool more broadly.
  5. Promote individual Tweets in 1-2-3

    Now that we’ve gotten you into the habit of checking analytics.twitter.com every day, you’ll be ready when one of your Tweets starts to get noticed. If you see that something is resonating with your audience and racking up the faves and Retweets, it could be ready for a wider audience. With quick promote, you can click on the Tweet in your timeline on desktop or mobile, or your Tweet activity dashboard and promote it with just two clicks.

    Quick promote on mobile

    You’ll be able to target people who are similar to your followers, and those that are likely to be interested in the topics mentioned in the Tweet. You can also refine by geography to make sure you’re quickly promoting content to the most relevant country, region or metro area. Our easy budget slider makes it simple to choose the amount that makes the most sense for your business and your goal.

Once you start exploring analytics.twitter.com you’ll be amazed at how much you can learn about your content and your audience. Of course, data is only as valuable as the insights it brings to businesses, so we’re committed to keeping our dashboards actionable and easy to use. We’re rolling out new analytics features on a regular basis — check in with us here and follow us @TwitterSmallBiz to stay in-the-know.