5 Tweet copy best practices for mobile app promotion

This is the blog post is the second in a series which will share best practices and practical tips to help mobile app marketers successfully use the product.

A key reason Promoted Tweets resonate with users is that they’re an authentic, relevant part of the Twitter experience. After all, Promoted Tweets are simply 140 character Tweets that advertisers can amplify to reach a wider audience.

If you’re running Twitter mobile app promotion campaigns, those 140 characters are also a critical part of the ad creative that can engage your audience and inspire them to act.
Ads that combine well-written Tweet copy with the Image App Card or the recently launched Video App Card, can drive great performance — as it has for advertisers like JackThreads and Bizzby.

But what are the best ways to grab a user’s attention with a Tweet? Based on analysis of data across more than 3,200 mobile app promotion campaigns from US-based advertisers, we’ve identified 5 best practices to help you optimize your Tweet copy to drive better performance for your mobile app install campaigns.

1. Leverage the power of now
People come to Twitter to discover what’s happening now. The research showed that if you can capture these users’ attention with words that create a sense of urgency, such as “now,” “hurry,” or “quick”, you can drive a 36% lower cost-per-install and a 9% higher conversion rate after the click.

2. Get personal with your audience
The analysis also showed that Tweets that use the word “you” or “your” also drive better results than those that don’t. In fact, addressing users in the second person had a measureable impact on cost and conversion rate, with an 18% lower cost-per-install and a 13% higher conversion rate.

3. Show specific prices
Many apps offer potential customers a chance to make a purchase for a good or service within the app. In particular, apps in retail or dating often offer such in-app buying opportunities. For such apps, showing actual pricing in the Tweet copy drives effectiveness to the tune of a 26% lower cost-per-install.

4. Drive conversions with discounts
Everybody loves a good deal, and Twitter users are no exception. Including specific discounts or incentives in your Tweet copy drives both high engagement and lower costs for your advertising. Tweets that highlighted specific percentage discounts saw 67% lower cost-per-installs and a 40% higher app click rate, which measures clicks to the App Store or Play Store over impressions.

5. Avoid excessive capitalization
When composing your Tweet copy, it’s best not to leave your caps lock on. In fact, the research showed that excessive capitalization — specifically showing one or more words in caps — actually turned people off. Those ads saw a 58% higher CPI and a 36% lower conversion rate.

By focusing your efforts on writing great Tweet copy, you can measurably improve your ROI on mobile app promotion campaigns. Optimizing Tweet copy is critical to making sure the message you’re trying to get across to your target audience works as effectively as possible.

Try these best practices the next time you are composing Tweets for your mobile app install campaigns, and download the full set of 9 best practices.