How to follow the US visit of @Pontifex


As Pope Francis (@Pontifex) makes his historic journey to the US, there will undoubtedly be excitement and celebration surrounding his arrival – both in the cities he visits, and on Twitter. Considering the warm Twitter welcome he received shortly after being named Pope, we anticipate many devotees will flock to Twitter to savor his visit.

No matter where you are, we want to make it easy for you to follow right along with his journey. We also wanted to offer a bit of fun to the proceedings, so today you’ll start to see special Twitter Emojis that celebrate his historic visit to the US. To see the emojis appended to the end of the hashtag, simply Tweet your messages using these hashtags:

In anticipation of the Pope’s arrival, we’ve already seen an increase in conversation. Here’s a chart that shows how it’s unfolded leading up to today.

This week, we encourage you to follow accounts on this Twitter list to get insider access to the Pope’s visit through the Twitter Mirror and other behind-the-scenes photos, Videos, Periscopes, and more. And be sure to follow the Pope himself at @Pontifex and his other language accounts to get a first-hand take of his thoughts throughout the trip.

Finally, we leave you with these Tweets from people expressing their excitement: