#TweetTip: 7 tips for writing effective Twitter Ads copy


#TweetTip is a monthly series that pairs Twitter tips with real-life examples from small and medium-sized businesses.

Sometimes, the little things can make a big difference. Small tweaks to the Tweet copy you use in Twitter Ads campaigns can lead to marked improvements in results, according to our research.

Our experts analyzed data from more than 9,000 website clicks or conversions campaigns on Twitter to figure out which type of wording proves most effective for advertisers.

Increase clicks in a cost-effective way
Based on the results, they’ve identified seven Tweet copy best practices. These can affect your cost-per-acquisition (which of course you would like to be as low as possible), your cost-per-link-click, and the link click rate for your Tweets (which ideally should be as high as possible).

Below you’ll find changes you can make to help drive website traffic and sales.

While some of these tweaks produce more significant results than others, it’s good to vary your approach and mix up these tips when writing Tweets. Also, consider which one is right for each campaign. Some suit best when you’re launching a product or running a special offer, while others work at any time.

  1. Emphasize the need for urgency
    Tweets that use phrases such as “hurry,” “fast,” “now,” “quick,” “running out,” “supplies last,” and “limited time” see a 10% lower cost-per-acquisition (CPA) and a 10% higher link click rate (LCR). 

    HypeForType sample Tweet
  2. Express discounts in percentages
    Tweets that advertise percentage discounts rather than price-based discounts see a 40% lower CPA.

    MVMT Watches sample Tweet  
  3. Remember, newer is better
    Tweets that mention “new” products or services achieve a 10% lower CPA and a 26% lower cost-per-link-click (CPLC).

    Opsgility sample Tweet
  4. Avoid distracting hashtags
    Promoted Tweets with hashtags see a 24% higher CPA and a 3% lower LCR. Keep the audience focused on your call to action and don’t include a hashtag in your Tweet copy.

    FIGS sample Tweet
  5. Keep it short and sweet
    Promoted Tweets with 40-60 characters of copy result in a much lower CPA than longer Tweets.

    Mizzen+Main sample Tweet
  6. Offer the audience the chance to win
    Tweets that advertise a prize or competition with words like “win,” “contest,” or “sweepstakes” have a 40% lower CPA and a 1% lower CPLC.

    CIL Paints sample Tweet
  7. Spark interest by asking a question
    Tweets that ask a question have a 9% lower CPLC and a 16% higher LCR.

    Udemy sample Tweet

Take the next step
Try some of these best practices in a website clicks or conversions campaign today. You can even combine more than one best practice in a Tweet, just like some advertisers did above.

Check out our campaign resource center for more tips on building and optimizing Twitter Ads campaigns. And stay savvy — follow us @TwitterSmallBiz for more #TweetTips.