#TweetTip: use photos to drive engagement

#TweetTip is a monthly series that pairs Twitter tips with real-life examples from small and medium-sized businesses.

Research has shown that Tweets with photos get 313% more engagement. To spark your creativity for using imagery, here are examples from several small and medium-sized businesses that illustrate this best practice.

Whether you try all six of the strategies below or experiment with just one or two, you can monitor engagement rates in real time with your Tweet activity dashboard. By identifying which visuals drive the most engagement, you’ll have a better understanding of the content your followers want to see.

  1. Extend your character limit. Incorporating text into a visual or overlaying it on a photo can help you get around the 140 character limit and produce a powerful graphic effect. Make sure your text is clear enough to be legible on a smartphone or tablet, since many Twitter users are on mobile. 
  2. Play a game. Photos can be used for creative sweepstakes, interactive games or other promotions. 

  3. Use graphs and charts to make data more accessible. A screenshot of a data visualization or infographic adds interest to a B2B Tweet. 
  4. Pull back the curtain. A casual behind-the-scenes shot helps humanize your business. 
  5. Showcase your products. Put your products front and center on your Twitter timeline. 
  6. Inspire and delight. Finally, it’s easy to simply share a photo that perfectly aligns with the personality and mission of your business.


  • Use Twitter’s photo tool to share photos instead of Tweeting image links from another platform or app. This enables your photo to expand automatically in timelines, so that users can seamlessly consume your content.
  • Use Twitter’s editing tools to crop, filter and adjust your photos before you post.
  • Can’t decide which photo to use? You can attach up to four photos to a single Tweet.
  • Share your photos more broadly and amplify your efforts by including them in a Tweet engagements campaign. Visit ads.twitter.com to get started.