Infographic: The type of content your followers will amplify


We partnered with @ResearchNowUS to survey 1,000 active US Twitter users who currently follow SMBs.

The results are in! People on Twitter are discussing small businesses.

Half of Twitter users who follow small or medium-sized businesses (SMBs) log in everyday and 86% use it (at least) weekly. Nearly all have Tweeted to or about an SMB and 79% have Retweeted one. Your followers amplify your message, especially when you Tweet about things that are interesting, informative, or about your product updates. More than half of the people surveyed have Retweeted an SMBs because the Tweet was interesting. Some 45% of people Retweeted information they found useful and 38% of people have promoted an SMBs product or service news through a Retweet.

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