#TweetHour: Small businesses share their Twitter tips


From e-commerce brands to fashion bloggers; B2B companies to mobile app startups — small businesses are leveraging Twitter in creative ways.

For our most recent #TweetHour, we went straight to the source to uncover expert Twitter tips from small businesses that are doing innovative things on Twitter: digital agency @3QDigital representing the e-commerce brand @mvmtwatches, B2B business @Greenhouse’s Inbound Marketing Manager @suazie, and fitness company @Onnit.

Throughout the chat, small businesses chimed in with their favorite tips and tricks. Missed out on the action? Take a look at this recap to learn how other small businesses are finding success on Twitter.

What’s the value of Twitter for your business?

 How do you decide what to Tweet?

Want more Tweet inspiration? Here are five best practices to help you create Tweets that spark conversations and keep your audience engaged. 

Why did you decide to use Twitter Ads in your social media strategy?

What’s one key to success for launching an effective Twitter Ads campaign?

 What’s your favorite Twitter feature and why?

Need a little inspiration on how to use polls? Here are four ways to incorporate Twitter polls into your content strategy, illustrated by examples from businesses around the world.

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