#LoveHappens on Twitter


Twitter shows what’s happening in the world. And often #LoveHappens on Twitter. In the last year, people Tweeted the word “love” more than 2.5 billion times globally. That’s a lot of love.

When you want to share love on Twitter, you have endless hashtags and emojis to choose from. This Valentine’s Day, we took a look at the Tweet that has attracted the most ❤️ ‘s on Twitter so far this year.

And the most Tweeted ‘love’ hashtags:

Sometimes a picture tells a thousand words - and thankfully when it comes to love there are many emojis to choose from. These were the most popular love-themed emojis on Twitter in 2016:

This Valentine’s Day, we celebrate #Love on Twitter and the millions of ways people use the platform to express love and connect with others. Twitter is the place to see love unfolding around the world, to show love as things happen, share love in the face of adversity, to find love and share love for the people who make a difference in our lives.

In November 2016, dad @GrumpyCarer needed to find a discontinued @tommeetippee_UK cup for his autistic son and he turned to Twitter for help. The response was heartwarming.

When the world comes together, they come together on Twitter. From the global to the personal, for young and old, across borders, races, and languages, people share their passions on Twitter, every single day.

Seven-year-old Bana al-Abed gained hundreds of thousands of Twitter followers for Tweeting from besieged eastern Aleppo. Bana’s account was set up in September 2016 and brought the world together to Tweet their support for the people of Aleppo.

Bana has since been safely evacuated and is using her account to remind everyone that love is greater than hate.

And some people have fallen in love because of Twitter. Victoria and Jonathan O’Brien met through the Twitter feed of the Oxford Street branch of Waterstones bookshop and years later, got married. Check out their love story unfold below.

Join the celebration of love around the world this Valentine’s Day with stickers and #LoveHappens to unlock a special emoji.