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Results from The Twitter Blog for: August 2006

Derek Powazek: "Fun!"

This is Powazek: “Twitter lets me SMS to a group all at once and creates a handy ‘what I’m up to right now’ insert for my site. A kind of in-situ, realtime, status message blogging. Fun!”


Don't Text And Drive

Today’s news about a kid in Michigan who smashed into a police car because he was texting while driving is a sobering reminder: Don’t text and drive. Twitter responsibly.


Financial Times on Texting in America / Companies / Telecoms - Americans get texting as SMS catches on: “After years of lagging behind Europe and Japan in the adoption of mobile text messaging, US subscribers have finally caught the SMS (short messaging service) bug.”


Twitter in SF Chronicle

“The only real requirement is that the companies are something you probably haven’t heard of before.” We made the short list of Cool Web 2.0 sites in today’s Chronicle. Nice!


New Twitter Sharing Feature

Put Twitter on your web site. Ev’s doing it. I’m doing it. You can do it with a shiny flash widget or simple bit of javascript if you want more control. Let your blog or myspace readers know what you’re up to *right now* with Twitter. It’s good stuff.


Have Your Quake And Twitter It Too

Last night I felt an earthquake but my fiance didn’t believe me. Within seconds my phone started twittering with reports from friends.

Aha! See? It was an earthquake and Twitter had my back. The quake was a light 4.4 centered somewhere in Sonoma county.