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Results from The Twitter Blog for: October 2006

The First Product Launched via Twitter? is a cool new web site for finding, reviewing, and sharing eco-friendly and socially responsible products and services that are making this world a better place. They announced the launch of their new site with a tiny little Twitter post. It’s like MySpace for people who like to buy eco-friendly products and seems like a good way to find good new stuff. I’m signed up!


Use Twitter by Instant Message!

You already know that you can interact with Twitter at our web site or by texting from your mobile phone but now you can use IM to do everything that you can do over SMS. This is good when you’re working on your computer and you don’t want to visit or start sending and receiving SMS. IM is always there and easy but it’s a little less demanding of your attention.


Twitter API for Flash Developers

Today we added more to the Twitter API so Flash developers can build fun applications like Celly. What can the Twitter Actionscript 3 API do? I’m glad you asked!


We Made Twitter Easier to Join

Now you can create a free Twitter account without giving us a phone number. Previously we were asking for a phone number up front but user testing showed that some folks wanted to sign up and kick the tires first.

So if you haven’t joined Twitter yet, head on over and sign up with just an email address. You won’t be able to take advantage of all the fun mobile texting features of Twitter until you decide to input your number in Settings but you can still do lots of stuff.


Celly on Your Desktop

Chris Messina, co-founder of Citizen Agency spotted Celly and thought it was “the cutest and most social thing to come out of Web 2.0.” So what did he do? He built Celly 0.1, a tiny little Mac application that puts Celly on your computer’s desktop.


Twitter Updates

In case you’re not subscribed to receive Twitter email from us from time to time, here’s the text of an email I sent out earlier today.

There have been some updates in the world of Twitter that we wanted to let you know about. Some of them are geeky, some of them are funny, and at least one of them is straight-up useful. If you haven’t been around in a while, come visit Twitter and see what your friends are doing.

RSS Feeds for Public Timelines


Yeah, Sounds Perfectly Legit

Snubbed and Twittered

Buzz was snubbed by Jobs and he Twittered it. If the computing legend had held the doors for Buzz, what would he have Twittered? I would have said “OMG I’m in an elevator with Steve Jobs.” Clever, huh?


Mobitopia Is Cool is a web site featuring lots of other web sites built in such a way that they look great and work great on internet enabled phones. The site also lets you sign up and store all your favorite mobile links in one place sort of like Yahoo’s but just for mobile devices. It’s a really great idea.


The Texting's on The Wall

Wiffiti is the fun new project from the Boston-based technology company LocoModa. It enables you to send your txt messages to screens in public locations. Wiffiti, if you haven’t guessed, is from the words wireless and graffiti.