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Results from The Twitter Blog for: March 2007

Reminder: Standard Rates Do Apply

As you know, Twitter is a free service. However, Phil took time to remind folks today in a blog post that if you choose to send and receive some of your Twitter updates by text message, standard texting rates do apply. So, (depending on your particular mobile contract) if you go over your texting limit you might get billed more. Not everyone uses texting with Twitter but if you do, it’s good to know what sort of contract you have. Is it unlimited or are you allowed only a fixed amount per month?


We're Front Page News!

Mini-blog is the talk of Silicon Valley - On the web this link might look like any news article but today we shared the front page of the fancy Financial Times print version just to the right of a big photo of Tony Blair. If you’re not familiar, FT is the international business newspaper that looks like someone forgot to separate their whites on laundry day.


Zoë Olivia Dibble

I cannot definitively say how many births have been Twittered at this point, but I can say that my long time friends Chad and Kami Dibble just updated on their first wee baby:

Congratulations Chad and Kami! You are lovely people and the world is blessed with both the presence of the two of you and little Zoë.


Jabber IM Back

Okay, the heavy lifting for getting IM back and in good shape is mostly done. Jabber and gtalk IM users can start twittering again. Now we just need to get AIM users up to speed! Blaine is coding things up right now and he types really fast.


Now Hiring: Senior Engineer

Twitter is looking to bolster our engineering team with an experienced developer of large-scale systems.

This may be you if you love Twitter and also have:


Twitter Is A Mover and Shaker

Everyone knows that Alexa is flawed and you should not depend on them for real data. Nevertheless, Twitter is on the Movers and Shakers list (moving up, that is). We thought that was worth a blog post, at least.



Woot is one of my favorite sites. Not only do they have an awesome name but every day they post a single item for sale a ridiculously low price. The item is only available for 24 hours or until it sells out (which it frequrently does).


Twitter and Tumblr in Chicago Tribune

Twitter was written about by Eric Gwinn, Chicago Tribune staff reporter along with Tumblr in a piece about short-form social media. He included a nice quote by Twitterer, Dana Power.


Next Up? IM

As folks point out in the comments of the previous post, IM service with Twitter is currently taking a cat-nap. The reason for this again is rapid growth—IM was not made for *that* many friends! Twitter overwhelmed the basic model of instant messaging very quickly so tonight Blaine is going to dream up a more distributed approach to how Twitter interacts over IM. If you are a regular user of Twitter via IM, we just wanted to let you know that it is next in line for better-ification.


The Tortoise and the Twitter

The Slowsky commercials Comcastic runs to sell their Internet services are not as funny to us now as they once were. Twitter. Is. Slow. We are painfully aware. The slowness is being caused by massive popularity which makes for a bittersweet type of situation. We thought we’d let you know what we’re doing to make things more sweet than bitter.