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Results from The Twitter Blog for: May 2007

Twitter by Default in Netvibes

Are You Twittering @ Me?

At some point, Twitter-ers came up with their own method of directing updates to one another using an @ symbol. We started supporting this behavior by doing things like creating the in reply to link, confining the reply messages to friends in the loop, and linking the @username to a profile. Another layer of support to this behavior is a feature we launched tonight which collects updates directed at you—just in case you missed ‘em.


What Are People Twittering About?

Tweetvolume is totally cool. Enter a few words or phrases and see how often they appear on Twitter.


There's Twitter in My Facebook!

Twitter was invited to be one of the early participants and the new Facebook application platform. Basically, Facebook now allows developers to build applications folks can install and use inside Facebook. It’s pretty awesome. So, if you’re on Facebook, be sure to install our Twitter application!


The Twitter API Respects Your Privacy

The Guardian Technology Blog posted incorrect information about Twitter this morning. The Twitter API respects protected updates and does not have a privacy ‘glitch.’



They Are Not Ready

The Devil's in the Details

As much as we’d love to blame yesterday’s outage on scaling issues, hardware, exponential growth, rogue bots, aberrant behavior, or even our brief stint on Japanese television last night, we can’t. Having achieved a strong position with regard to scaling Twitter, we felt comfortable enough to begin optimizing lots of smaller parts of our application for maximum efficiency. We were so focused on those smaller details that we lost track of the bigger picture and the site was unresponsive for lots of folks throughout the day.

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We made a few enhancements to yesterday. Now you can check a box and have the site remember you (so you don’t have to sign in again). Also, we now display ten updates on a page instead of five. If things aren’t working perfectly on your mobile browser, please do let us know what phone and/or browser you’re using when you contact support.


On Microformats

We’ve had some questions about what Microformats mean for Twitter and developers. As one of your friendly neighborhood Twitter engineers, I’d be happy to explain.