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Results from The Twitter Blog for: July 2007

Twitter and Greenpeace

The Ocean Doctor is Twittering from aboard the Greenpeace ship “Esperanza.” They’re currently in the Bering Sea using submarines to explore undersea canyons. Follow along!


Taking a bite out of the big apple

First, Twitter was a fun side project, then it was cared for lovingly at Obvious until it was time to form Twitter, Inc. Today, we’re excited to announce an important moment for Twitter. We’ve raised funding from our friends in New York City at Union Square Ventures.



On July 23rd immediately following the Youtube/CNN debate John Edwards will answer questions from Twitter users in a live webcast on He wants twitter-ers to @johnedwards some questions in advance. Pretty cool.


Friends, Followers, and Notifications

Lots of folks have noted that there’s too much overlap and confusion between “friend” and “follow.” They both mean “I want this person’s updates” so why do we need them both? Good point, it turns out we don’t. As Twitter has evolved, these two concepts have emerged in parallel and clouded things up. So, in the spirit of simplification, we’ve made a change.


A Twitter Turnaround

Dan from Wireless Is Fun has spotted an interesting Twitter Turnaround. Howard Lindzon decided to join Twitter and only post about going to the toilet—a commentary if you will, on his perception of Twitter’s value to society.


Twitter's Drinking Water Strategy

It occurs to us that paying to have water bottled and shipped to our office when clean drinking water flows from the tap is silly, to say the least. In fact, some might even say it’s socially, ecologically, and financially irresponsible.


Crystal: support superhero!

I was proud and happy to wake up to the following email:


Twitter Rocks

Twitter Rocks Originally uploaded by Robert Scoble

Robert Scoble wrote this message in the sand in Half Moon Bay, CA and twenty seconds later it was wiped away by the waves. Awesome, thanks Robert!


iPhones at Twitter HQ