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Results from The Twitter Blog for: August 2007

Friday Fun: Explore Twitter

We’ve been working with the fine folks over at Stamen Design to help us look at our data from a different perspective. They’re masters of visualizing information in interesting ways—they worked on Digg Labs, for example. While we were working, a fun idea emerged and we thought it would be something worth sharing: Check out Twitter Blocks!


Posts Not Posting?

Some friends have chimed in to let us know that our update form is not quite living up to its full potential. In other words, their posts aren’t posting every time. We’re looking at this right now. As soon as we can reproduce it, we’ll identify and fix!

UPDATE Fixed! This issue was limited to people using instead of We’ve fixed the routing and all is well!


Twitter in Sally Forth

Twitter and Gmail

Who from your Gmail address book is already on Twitter? You might be surprised when you try out our newest feature. Fred tried it and found some new people to follow. Duncan checked it out too. There’s no time like the present, so try the new Gmail thingy we made!


New: Accessible Captcha with Recaptcha

Today we updated Twitter’s Join page to use recaptcha. Now we can separate the humans from the spambots in style. ReCaptcha is not only fully accessible featuring an audio option, it also helps make information more accessible to the world with it’s innovative book digitizing concept.


Searching Twitter

We’ve just added Profile Search to Twitter! Now you can search across profile information like name, location, bio, and url. That means you can find more people to follow. The search box is over on the right when you’re signed in. Go ahead and find other Twitter-ers in San Francisco, New York, or Tokyo or find out your friends are already Twittering and you didn’t even know it!


This Time in Italy

Ho scritto Twitter sulla sabbia. Another addition to the sand writing meme started by Robert Scoble and iJustine. This time in Italy.


A Guide to Twitter in Libraries

Investigating Some Spottiness

We’re currently working with our hosting provider to identify a solution for some spotty performance today. It’s not affecting everyone but it’s annoying. We’re currently investigating and we’ll keep you posted.

Update (8/16 4:40p): After a long night and some more work this morning, we’ve resolved the slowness that was affecting most users. Sorry for the spottiness.


Apple Universe with Daniel Brusilovsky

Yesterday, 14 year old Daniel Brusilovsky came by the Twitter office and interviewed me. Then he stuck around for lunch at Specialties and worked from an extra desk—he was coding up a new version of his site.

Daniel had some great questions about Twitter and asked them with authority. You can listen to our conversation here: Apple Universe with Daniel Brusilovsky. Thanks Daniel!