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Results from The Twitter Blog for: September 2007


We’ve moved the two hour downtime that was scheduled earlier this week. It will be on Sunday from 6-8p instead. During this downtime we’ll be upgrading our database hardware which unfortunately can’t be done while the site is online.

In the past, we’ve not done as good a job at giving advance notice when we need to bring the site down. Whenever possible, we will try to give 24 hours notice from now on (usually via a notice on your Twitter homepage).


Tracking Twitter

One of the driving philosophies behind Twitter has always been to get away from the computer, get out there and do something, and tell your friends about it in real-time. That’s why Twitter works over IM and text messaging—you can bring your phone almost anywhere to interact and share.


Alissa Huskey, Engineer

Twitter grew a little more this week when Alissa Huskey officially joined our engineering team. So far, the team has pretty much been imported from outside San Francisco including such exotic locales as Canada, Kentucky, and Washington DC. We found Alissa in Los Angeles and she’s now moved to San Francisco as well. Welcome, Alissa!


We love phones.

And we love to test Twitter on them! Do you Twitter from a phone? Which one?


Oh Geez

Cottyn | Fresh-Picked T-Shirts: “In the old days, people had to guess what their friends were doing every 5 minutes. How’d we ever get by?” This is a good link for a Friday afternoon.


Twitter In Vegas for MTV Video Music Awards

We’re heading to Las Vegas this weekend to be part of MTV’s Video Music Awards. This year, MTV has introduced a bunch of artists to Twitter and they’re going to integrate the celebrity status updates into this weekend’s on-air programming. You can of course follow these bands on Twitter: Follow VMA.


Thu, 09/06/2007 - 12:28

During our scheduled maintenance window we experienced some unexpected heavy traffic at 3a PT. We’ve been working throughout the night to resolve the issues and get back to 100% functionality as soon as possible.


We’re back up and stable. We’ll be watching all systems closely for the next few hours. In the meantime, we’re getting more machines to keep us up and fast!

Thank you for your patience.


Twitter for News

Live on Wikipedia: Jennifer Dunn dies: “At 9:12 a.m., minutes before P-I reporter Neil Modie learned about Jennifer Dunn’s death, and before it had hit any news site or could be found on a Google News search, the former Congresswoman’s death had already been reported on Wikipedia.

Its source? It was added at 9:19 — a breaking news alert from Twitter.”


Make Your Own Twitter Shirt

Check this out! You can customize your own Twitter shirt using Reactee. Pick colors and choose your text. Might be a fun way to get more followers at a conference or party.


Breaking Mac News

Apple will be hosting a Media Event on September 5th, 2007 at 10 AM Pacific. New iPods are widely expected and macrumors will be twittering from the event. Follow Macrumors on Twitter and get the news before the people who report the news.