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Results from The Twitter Blog for: October 2007

Christopher Watson to Go on 'Very First' Cruise

Twitter user lamp wrote in to our PR contact address to let us know he’s planning on keeping us posted during his first ever Caribbean cruise on the Carnival Freedom out of Miami next month.

Mr. Watson says he sets sail on November 12 but he plans on starting his updates one day earlier, on November 11. He’ll be using PocketTweets with his 16GB iPod touch and the ship-wide Wi-Fi.


Tracking the Quake

We had a pretty big earthquake in the Bay Area last night and it was very well Twittered. Read Mad Dog in The Fog’s account of using Twitter’s track feature to follow the action.


Hello, Veronica!

ThinCloud Featured at

Apple calls this popular Twitter Web App “The most ‘Twitter’ like experience you’ll find on an iPhone.” The killer features? Huge buttons and optimized for EDGE. To try it out, head over to on your iPhone and click the Twitter link.


Following the Fire

California Fire Followers Set Twitter Ablaze: “Twitter users Nate Ritter and Viss have been busy posting rapid-fire updates of the current wildfire situation in Southern California. Both of them are on the scene in San Diego, and they are doing an excellent job of providing information and news about evacuations, meeting points and anything important that local residents would need to know.”


Can Twitter help us lose the last 10 pounds?

Back in skinny jeans: Can Twitter help us lose the last 10 pounds?: “I’m going to use Twitter to track my daily going ons on my journey to drop these last 10 pounds. Anyone is welcome to join in and follow me.” SkinnyJeans.



What I learned from Twitter today. “This wasn’t a staff development day. It wasn’t a workshop. It wasn’t a conference or even a meeting. This was simply Thursday.”


Tracking Zeitgeist: 'Overheard'

Twitter Track has been tracking concepts, interests, and keywords over SMS and IM for nearly 2 weeks now. One of the most popular keywords being tracked is overheard. It’s kinda like Overheard in New York—but global. Some recent matches:


We Just Doubled Our Operations Team

Tonight we’re taking our new Operations Engineer, Jay Edwards out to dinner to welcome him to the Twitter team. Jay moved here from Texas to help us do all the behind-the-scenes stuff that’s critical to improving Twitter and growing the service. Yay for Jay!


Where's the 'Older' Link?

Some folks have noticed that the ‘older’ link is missing at the bottom of the timeline—this is not a permanent change. We had to take it out yesterday during a kind of bot-storm because it was negatively affecting site performance during this unusual activity. We’re going to get it back in there asap. (We know some people like to catch up on the Web).