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Results from The Twitter Blog for: December 2007

I <3 Twitter, too

Robert Scoble started (and iJustine continued) something I had to participate in: writing in the sand.

Thank you all for making 2007 a great year! :)


Twittering for The Children

Yesterday I received this email from one of our Dutch Twitter fans.


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We bought the office a Wii

to go with our tea.


Frozen Pea Friday

It’s Frozen Pea Friday! Lots of folks are changing their Twitter photo icon so it has some peas in it to help raise awareness. There’s more info at Techcrunch. You can change your Twitter photo here. Happy Friday!


Working at Twitter

Hooray for (Virtual) Gifts!

OMG this is fun: Virtual gifts over Twitter: “Tweetgift is a simple way to show a little appreciation to a friend. all you need is a twitter account. Just reply to tweetgift and use our syntax to send gifts to your friends. Every gift starts with @tweetgift, then a friend’s username, and the gift with an optional message.”


The Switch

Twitter is humming along now after a late night. Our team worked earnestly into the night and morning on our largest and most complex maintenance project ever. Everything went pretty much according to plan except for one thing: an incorrect switch.

The switch in question caps traffic an unacceptable level. In order to correct this, we’ll need to get some hardware installed. Unfortunately, that means we’re not done with our datacenter move just yet. This type of work can be frustrating but it’s all towards Twitter’s highest goal: reliability.


T-Mobile Mix-Up Was Technical

Last week Twitter stopped working over T-Mobile without notice. We were confused and jumped into the conversation on Get Satisfaction with limited information. Over the weekend we were able to determine that this was purely a technical issue between T-Mobile and Ericsson, the folks who serve our SMS traffic.


Downtime Rescheduled, Shorter

We announced on Friday that we were going to be doing some maintenance on Twitter all day today. It turns out we were able to do most of the work without taking Twitter offline. It may have been better referred to as a “maintenance window” but we wanted to make sure you were aware just the same.