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Results from The Twitter Blog for: January 2008

We had a rough night. But now we're back.

I just left the office, at 6am, with most of our engineering and technical operations team. That’s only a handful of people, but we were all there all night.


Happy Happy Joyent

We’ve noticed that people really like to use Twitter during shared events—and not just scary events like earthquakes or presidential campaigns. The Super Bowl is a shared event for an estimated 130-140 million people in the United States. It makes us glad that our trusty infrastructure provider Joyent has us covered with extra capacity—for free!


Twitter in the Classroom

The Chronicle of Higher Education today quotes a university professor on using Twitter to interact with his students,”It was the single thing that changed the classroom dynamics more than anything I’ve ever done teaching,” Good stuff.


Twitter Devices Abound

Technically, most mobile phones are a Twitter Device. But applications built to integrate with Twitter over our API can also be considered devices. Sure you can send and receive Twitter updates over your phone but you can also do that with Facebook. That makes Facebook a Twitter device. (It does other stuff too.)


37signals Likes Twitter for Business

Sarah Hatter from lauded software company 37signals emailed to say that “Twitter has become an invaluable tool for us to stay in communication with our customers.” The folks at 37signals track public updates for mention of their company or products so they can respond in real-time if necessary.


NYT: Twitter for Reporting

Twitter Wins First-Ever 'Crunchie' Award

It’s a good thing we made it to the Herbst Theater in San Francisco on time last night because the inaugural award given out by Om Malik at the first annual Crunchies was to Twitter for Best Mobile Startup.


Twitter's 'Starling' Released as Open Source

Twitter has a warm spot for innovative simplicity and an open approach to technology development. We make use of open source software when it makes sense and we think it brings good karma to contribute back to the open source community whenever possible.

However, our open approach is more than just good karma. Twitter, Inc. is committed to building a reliable social messaging utility which people trust enough to use every day. Gaining trust means showing our work. When a technology is shared, conversations and understanding form around it.


Help Us Test Our India Shortcode

iPhone Home

It’s another month before Apple opens up the iPhone to third-party developers, but until then it’s still a great phone on which to use Twitter.  If you’ve got the new iPhone firmware released yesterday (1.1.3), try adding Twitter or to your home screen by hitting the plus sign at the bottom of Safari.  You should see a friendly Twitter icon rather than a screenshot.