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Results from The Twitter Blog for: March 2008

Play Wordy Birdie on Twitter

Wordy Birdie is a game that works within Twitter. The creator, Dan Grigsby describes it as “part buzzword bingo, part drinking game.” You earn points by predicting what words people you follow will use in their updates.


New Version of Twitterrific

There’s a shiny new update to the popular Mac OS Twitter application, Twitterrific. You can download Twitterrific 3.1 here.


Timeline Oddity Update

Update: We were testing a new application server tonight that didn’t work right so we rolled it back. Lots of folks saw an error page while we were fixing the bug—which is a bummer.

Some folks experienced a more dramatic error which had them accidentally updating other people’s Twitter—this is a more serious issue which crosses into the realm of security. We took this very seriously, acted quickly, and learned from our mistake.



Starbucks Stores Scheduled Down Time

Looks like Starbucks is currently closed due to a scheduled down time. Not the web site, the physical stores—all of them!


Little Shop of Twitters

Lots of folks are marveling at this real-life mashup between a houseplant, a mobile phone, and Twitter. The smarty-pants over at Botanicalls have created a very interesting monster—when your plant needs water, it sends out a Twitter update that reaches you anywhere in the world.


Las elecciones generales españolas, en Twitter

Los grandes eventos como el Súpermartes en Estados Unidos generan muchas conversaciones en Twitter. Es fácil seguir a otros usuarios en Twitter, y también es fácil ver en Twitter la “gran foto”, el conjunto de conversaciones generadas alrededor de un evento, para colocar los eventos históricos en perspectiva.


Use Strawpoll on Twitter

This new Twitter application called StrawPoll is really neat. Follow strawpoll on Twitter and every day around 8am EST it will ask you a simple question. Reply with your answer and the pretty graph on the front page will get updated so you can see the results of everyone who is participating.


Shizzolate Your Twitters

Yes, you can follow SnoopDogg on Twitter. More importantly, you can grab this new Twitter Badge that translates you and your friends updates into Snoop speak. And just in time too—it was getting tiresome having to do all that translation manually. Read more...

Twitter Web Traffic Around the World

Click image to see bigger graph

Twitter’s traffic comes from SMS, Instant Message, Mobile Web, and all those wonderful API projects out there. However, we also have good old-fashioned web traffic. 60% of our web traffic comes from outside the United States and this chart shows the top ten non-US sources.