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Results from The Twitter Blog for: June 2008

Replies Are Back, Improvements Continue

We deployed a change on Saturday which brought the Replies feature back for Web and RSS. We use Replies as much as anyone else so we were not happy when we discovered that it was threatening the overall service and required disabling for maintenance. In addition to bringing back Replies, this deploy also cleaned up some code and fixed some bugs.


Setting Up A Workstation for Twitter's Newest Engineer

Andrew Lorek comes to Twitter from BEA Systems, Inc where he worked as a senior software engineer doing both interaction design and engineering implementation. Andrew will join us on July 7th as an Engineer mostly focused on front-end, user facing work. Welcome, Andrew!


Welcoming Bijan and Jeff

We’re happy to announce two new members of our investment team: Bijan Sabet with Spark Capital in Boston and Jeff Bezos of Bezos Expeditions in Seattle. Bijan has also accepted a seat on our board of directors. We’re looking forward to the guidance and advice both will bring to Twitter. Existing partners Union Square Ventures in New York City and Tokyo-based Digital Garage exercised their pro rata rights to participate in this round as well.

Project: Runway


Introducing John Adams and Rudy

Note: Images above may be jokey representations.

Next month, Twitter’s operations team will double in size. We’re really excited to announce that Rudy Winnacker has decided to move on from Google where he has worked as a Systems Engineer System Administrator for the past 5 years to be with us at Twitter. Rudy will settle in at his desk on July 14 as a Twitter Operations Engineer.


Obama, McCain Debate Via Twitter

Silicon Alley Insider has the details: “Want to know what Barack Obama thinks about net neutrality? John McCain’s views on white space spectrum? Good luck learning about that during any of this fall’s official debates. But we’re reasonably sure these and other issues will come up via a semi-formal debate the two campaigns are starting up today — via Twitter.”


NASA, Twitter, and News from Mars

Hands On Disaster Response

HODR is using Twitter in the field: “After long days in a disaster zone the last thing an operations director wants to do is craft a grammatically correct five-paragraph essay. Twitter’s short text message like format is a quick and easy platform to communicate our situation on the ground to the HODR family and the outside world.” You can follow @hodrops on Twitter.


Congratulations, Twitterrific

Read Books via Twitter

DailyLit is a nifty service that will deliver entire books to you over email in small, manageable bits. The idea is to read a tiny bit of the book every day until it’s finished. Now, DailyLit has announced support for Twitter.


We Made It!

It looks like we were spot-on with our estimate of ten times the normal traffic today. Our preparations held and Twitter stayed up. Only one unexpected disruption occurred and that was a network problem in our data center which caused a few minutes of service disruption some time after Steve Jobs’ keynote. With that single disruption, our uptime during the event was 97.3%