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Results from The Twitter Blog for: September 2008

Trending: Repentance


A quick look at the newest trends on Twitter this morning.Read more…

The Debate: A Twitter Play-by-Play

Trending: The Wach-ness


A Monday morning roundup of what we’re all thinking about this morning on Twitter.Read more…

Trends: Feel the Boo hoo?


Here’s a quick look at today’s trending topics.Read more…

Of The People, By The People, For The People

Politweets was one of the first to mix Twitter and politics. Other interesting mash-ups were created by C-SPAN for both the RNC and the DNC. There’s also the amazingly cool Perspctv and of course there’s Current TV’s plan to Hack The Debate.Read more…

Trending: Bailouts, Suspensions, and Tweet-ups


Our daily pre-noon roundup of current Twitter trends.Read more…

Ow, My Aiken Trends


Here’s quick look at today’s fresh trends as of about 11am PST.Read more…

What's Trending And Why?


I’ve just taken a quick look at what’s trending on Twitter right now and tried to explain why in 140 characters or less.Read more…

What hath God wrought? (22 characters)

Andrew Ratner from the Baltimore Sun takes a little tour of history’s short messages in his article, We’re all a-twitter being succinct.Read more…

Changes Afoot

We’re getting ready to launch a refresh of parts of the interface. This release does not include any new features (well, one). It’s mostly cosmetic changes. This post describes what we’re doing and why.

Moving the tabs

Read more…