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Results from The Twitter Blog for: 2009

Room to Read in India

When Twitter announced The Fledgling Initiative in October—making and selling wine to benefit an organization called Room to Read, I was thrilled. This past month, my enthusiasm and commitment increased dramatically when I had the chance to visit some of the sites where Room to Read works in India.


Not So Lazy: The Sunday Times

The promise of technology is to help people help themselves. At Twitter, we are united in our belief that software has the ability to augment humanity in productive and meaningful ways. For us, it has been a year during which we realized that no matter how sophisticated the algorithms get, no matter how many machines we add to the network, our work is not about the triumph of technology, it is about the triumph of humanity.


Mixing It Up at 795 Folsom St

In August, we previewed expanded location support for developers. Last month we launched our Geotagging API with support from several of the top Twitter clients. When current location is added to tweets, new and valuable services emerge—everything from breaking news to finding friends or local businesses can be dramatically enhanced. Our efforts in this area have just begun.


SMS Tweets for Telstra Australia

Update on Last Night's DNS Disruption

Domain Name System or DNS is an Internet protocol used to translate IP addresses into domain names so instead of typing in a long string of numbers we can enter urls like into a browser to visit our favorite web sites. Last night, DNS settings for the Twitter web site were hijacked. From 9:46pm to 11pm PST, approximately 80% of Traffic to was redirected to other web sites.


DNS Disruption

As we tweeted a bit ago, Twitter’s DNS records were temporarily compromised tonight but have now been fixed. As some noticed, was redirected for a while but API and platform applications were working. We will update with more information and details once we’ve investigated more fully.


What do Indonesia and Ireland have in common?

They both have carriers that launched Twitter’s Text Messaging service today. We are excited to announce that our friends at 3 Indonesia and O2 Ireland have both made the Twitter SMS service available to their subscribers without any additional fees. Sending and receiving text messages with Twitter is just like sending and receiving them with your friends. It’s a simple way to tell the world what’s happening while out and about by quickly sending a text message to Twitter.


Was gibt's Neues?

Deutsch ist eine der weitverbreitetsten Sprachen der EU und ist die letzte Sprache, die wir im Jahr 2009 auf einführen.


Top Twitter Trends of 2009

A feature test with businesses

My name is Anamitra and I work in the product team at Twitter. For some time now, businesses of all sizes have been using Twitter to deepen their engagement with customers. The simple features that Twitter has offered to all users has worked for business users as well. As Twitter becomes more integral to businesses, they will need more business specific features from Twitter – both on the web and API.