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Results from The Twitter Blog for: March 2009

Welcome, Doug Bowman

As Twitter grows, the challenge of staying simple and relevant requires vision and leadership. This is true in all aspects of our growing company—from engineering, to product, business operations, support, and the creative force that pulls it all together. Our new creative force is Doug Bowman, former Visual Design Lead at Google.


Replies Are Now Mentions

We’re updating the Replies feature and referring to it instead as Mentions. In your Twitter sidebar you’ll now see your own @username tab. When you click that tab, you’ll see a list of all tweets referencing your account with the @username convention anywhere in the tweet—instead of only at the beginning which is how it used to work. So for me it would be all mentions of @biz. For developers, this update will also be included in the APIs.


Full SMS Service for Vodafone UK Customers!

Extending the power of the real-time network globally through the simple technology of SMS is a driving goal for Twitter. Anyone in the world can update Twitter via SMS but receiving tweets on your mobile has been restricted to North America. Today, we’re happy to announce an agreement between Vodafone UK and Twitter. The shortcode for UK Vodafone customers is 86444 and you can activate your mobile in your Twitter settings.


Suggested Users

Check Out ExecTweets

Last year we created an interesting site for the US Presidential election. It looked a lot like Twitter but it was focused around the candidates, the debates, and the political topics being discussed. Lots of really great API projects have created similar experiences from the hilarious Cursebird to the sporty Twackle. Twitter is contacted regularly by brands interested in sponsoring innovative experiences based on topics of interest.


Salesforce Integrates Twitter

From small companies to big, there’s an increasing amount of business use happening with Twitter. Lots of these companies are using Twitter to search for mentions of their brands or products and then finding ways to better serve customers. Salesforce has taken notice and today announced an enterprise product built upon the Twitter platform.


Shaq Attack!

A whole bunch of Twitter employees enjoyed an NBA game last night in Oakland thanks to @the_real_shaq and @caroline from Twitter Support who went the extra mile to set things up. The folks at Oracle Arena were also really accommodating and let us use a Luxury Suite which was classy. We love Shaq!


Visualize Whirled Tweets

Way back in 2007 during the olden days of Twitter we set up plasma screens in the hallways between panels at SXSW Interactive. Tweets from SXSW’ers floated by hypnotizing attendees and introducing them to Twitter. It was tons of fun.


Pivotal Means "Of Crucial Importance"

Mayor Gavin Newsom Comes to Twitter HQ