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Results from The Twitter Blog for: October 2009

There's a List for That

We’re putting the finishing touches on our new Lists feature and we’re really excited about the folks who have already taken a lot of time creating awesome lists. From the @time list of funny people to your own list of people who make you laugh—it’s easy to see how this feature increases discovery and adds value in lots of ways.Read more…

@google Nice!

Bing Goes The Dynamite!

We very firmly believe the open exchange of information can have a positive impact on the world. Every day we see evidence supporting this belief. Most Twitter accounts are public for a good reason—people find value in openness. An open approach means value for users, value for partners, and value for Twitter.Read more…

Good Wine and Books

We’re just getting started as a company, but we believe thinking long term about making a positive impact will allow us to grow in the right direction to make a difference as both a technology and a business.Read more…

Hello, Bharti Airtel

Help us nail spammers

Today we’ve added another tool to our spam fighting toolbox that will give users the ability to flag bad accounts on Twitter.Read more…

Coming Soon: Twitter in More Languages

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