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"I will dig you out."

It began with a simple “let me know” Tweet a few hours after Sunday’s blizzard dumped more than two feet of snow on New Jersey’s largest city. Soon, Tweets by Newark residents were providing Mayor @CoryBooker with critical real-time information as he directed the massive cleanup.



Tip #25: Make a list of friends and family so you can quickly find their Tweets.


Fluther Flocks to Twitter

There are now three times as many people on the Twitter team as there were at this time last year. More than half of our employees work in engineering and operations, and those teams continue to grow as we attract more and more talented people interested in the challenges of building a global information network.


Meaningful Growth

In the past 12 months, Twitter users sent an astonishing 25 billion Tweets and we added more than 100 million new registered accounts. In that time, our team has grown from 130 people to more than 350 today. We’re thankful for every Tweet, every account, and every talented employee who has decided to join the Twitter team. This week, we’ve got some big news to share.


It's Business Time

Twitter has long been a home for all kinds of businesses. Whether it’s a neighborhood ice cream shop (@humphryslocombe), a favorite store (@lululemon) or a socially responsible shoe company (@TOMSshoes), people have gotten special offers, great customer support and valuable information by following businesses on Twitter.


#Hindsight2010: The Year’s Most Retweeted Tweets

In this edition of #Hindsight2010, we reveal the 10 Most Retweeted Tweets of the year.


#Hindsight2010: Ten Most Powerful Tweets

What makes a Tweet powerful?


#Hindsight2010: Top Trends on Twitter

From earthquakes and politics to popstars and hashtags, Twitter Trends are a window into what the world is talking about. In this edition of #Hindsight2010, we offer our list of the biggest Trends of the year.


What's Your #TwitterTip?

Last week we asked our savvy @twitter followers what tips they most often share with folks who could stand to learn a thing or two about using Twitter. It’s no secret that while much of the world has heard of Twitter, there are still a lot of questions from those who haven’t had a chance to learn how to get the most value out of it. For instance, what if we told you that you don’t have to tweet to use Twitter?


Who’s New on Twitter #Hindsight2010