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Results from The Twitter Blog for: February 2010

Avoid 'Phishing' Scams

Over the past few days, Twitter has been helping folks victimized by a phishing attack. Phishing is a deceitful process by which an attempt is made to acquire sensitive information such as Twitter usernames and passwords. The bad guys masquerade as someone you trust and may send you a Direct Message (DM) with a link. This DM may say something along the lines of, “LOL that you??” followed by a link to a fake Twitter login page. If you enter your credentials on that fraudulent page, the phishers can sign in as you and trick more people.

Anatomy of A Phishing Scam


Expressing Great Joy Or Excitement

In other words: Yahoo! People want to discover and share tweets everywhere ranging from SMS and TV, to apps and the Web. For a global network of 600 million people, Yahoo! represents the Web. Similar to the partnerships we have made with other large internet companies, Yahoo! will receive what has been dubbed “Firehose”—a full feed of public tweets sent to Twitter and our partners every second of every day from all around the world.


Open Engineering

Hi, I’m the other @evan, and I’m the infrastructure manager at Twitter. I want to tell you about the steps we’ve taken to make our engineering division more open and transparent.


Measuring Tweets

As a member of the Twitter analytics team, part of my job is to measure and understand growth. The graph above tells a story of how we’ve grown over the past three years in terms of number of tweets created per day. Please note that tweets from accounts identified as spam have been removed so the counts in this chart do not include spam.


Hello, Haiti

If you have been following the events in Haiti since the devastating quake last month, then you know of the initial bursts of compassion. International dialogue now shifts from lifesaving relief to long term restoration. Officials are saying this may take ten years at a cost of billions.

Post-disaster needs assessment is underway and there will be an international donor conference late next month in New York City. In the meantime, there are ways to stay involved in sustained efforts such as the WFP’s monthly donation program.


Are You Following The Olympics?

We experience events like the Olympics, the Super Bowl, the Oscars, and the State of the Union address together by watching them on television—it’s the next best thing to being there for most of us. I (@ChloeS) collaborate with our media partners, and have enjoyed watching them weave together new ways of experiencing these events that are even more engaging and interactive.


Super Data

My name is @kevinweil and I’m on the analytics team at Twitter. The convergence of sports, brands, and culture around the Super Bowl makes for a particularly fascinating set of tweets to follow. Fans of the @NFL watch the Super Bowl for the football and others enjoy the spectacle for the commercials. We were curious to understand how these groups interacted with Twitter as the game unfolded.


Flying Around With Hovercards

Because many of you use to read and write tweets, we’ve been spending some time focusing on ways to improve your experience on the site. Today, we’re introducing a feature called Hovercards that will be a handy way to interact with the folks behind each tweet.