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Results from The Twitter Blog for: May 2010

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New, improved, internationalized help center


The Twitter Platform

Enduring Value

When we discuss the future of Twitter, we focus on the mechanisms through which we can build a platform of enduring value. The three mechanisms most important to building such a platform are architecting for extensibility, providing a robust API to the platform’s functionality, and ensuring the long-term health and value of the user experience.

The purpose of this post is to explain what we are building, how we will sustain the company and ecosystem, and where we believe there will be great opportunities for the vast ecosystem of partners.


Twitter for iPhone


Comprehensive analysis of the Twitter user experience in the iTunes App Store showed very plainly that people were looking for an app from Twitter—we didn’t have one so they generally got confused and gave up. Obviously, we saw room for improvement. Starting today, Twitter for iPhone and iPod touch is available for free on the iTunes App Store.


News for Developers

If you’re a Twitter developer, then we invite you to read our engineering blog regularly. Even if you’re on the mailing lists and IRC, or already following @twitterapi, the eng blog is a good resource. On Wednesday, Raffi blogged about changes that impact developers regarding requirements around authentication.