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Results from The Twitter Blog for: June 2010

Another Big Record: Part Deux

We posted last Friday about the Tweets-per-second (TPS) counts we saw during the first week of the World Cup and the record TPS seen at the end of the NBA Championship game. The second week of the World Cup continued to see consistent spikes in TPS after goals that are remarkable increases over our average of 750 TPS.


FTC Announcement

Early in 2009, when Twitter employed less than 50 people, we faced two different security incidents that impacted a small number of users. Put simply, we were the victim of an attack and user accounts were improperly accessed. There were 45 accounts accessed in a January incident and 10 that April for short periods of time. In the first incident, unauthorized joke tweets were made from nine accounts and attackers may have accessed nonpublic information such as email addresses and mobile phone numbers.


Following your friends and colleagues

Updated at 3:15pm.

Many Twitter users follow their favorite celebrities, sports heroes, or brands. They often find and follow even more nearby businesses or experts in their industry. And, of course, people also follow friends, family and associates so that they can keep updated on what’s happening with them. In fact, one of our most frequent requests from users is how they can find and follow the people they are connected to on their social networks.


From Russia with Love

We may be a relatively small company of about two hundred employees but we have a global mindset. Twitter is growing very fast internationally these days. In fact, about sixty percent of our usage is outside of the United States. That’s why we are honored today that President Medvedev of Russia stopped by our office for a brief tour and his inaugural Tweet.


Big Goals, Big Game, Big Records

It’s been an eventful week for World Cup fans around the globe. Many have taken to Twitter in record numbers to tweet about coaching decisions, referee calls and, of course, goals.

In this spirit, we thought it would be fun (and instructive) to track the top three most tweeted goals of the tournament so far. These goals had the highest Tweets-per-second (TPS) count in the 30 seconds after a goal was scored.

The most tweeted goals of the past week…


@twitterapi Showcase: TweetBeat's World Cup

The Platform team is always excited to see developers’ creativity in building cool applications using our APIs. To showcase new and interesting applications built on the Twitter Platform, we’re going to periodically feature great apps on our blog. For our first post, we’d like to highlight the @kosmixTweetBeat World Cup site. For all of the World Cup fans out there, you are seriously missing out if you haven’t checked this out yet!


What's Happening with Twitter?

From a site stability and service outage perspective, it’s been Twitter’s worst month since last October.


Twitter Places: More Context For Your Tweets

Switching to OAuth

The majority of Tweets are sent or read on applications built by the developer community. Likewise, there is a ever-growing number of third-party applications that bring value to users in a variety of new ways.


Develop The Game, Build A Better Future

The first World Cup took place in 1930 and it has since grown to become an epic global event celebrating diversity and inspiring us to overcome adversity. More importantly, nations and people around the world have the opportunity to connect around something profoundly simple: play! The mission driving FIFA, the governing body behind the World Cup, is to “Develop the game, touch the world, and build a better future.” Good stuff.