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Results from The Twitter Blog for: September 2010

Tweets in your media, media in your Tweets

On a sunny September Sunday inside a non-descript trailer in downtown Los Angeles, media evolved.

There—in the shadow of the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards, next to an outdoor stage where Justin Bieber would soon perform—web developers and TV producers were working together, leaning into laptop screens and NTSC monitors, bringing the real-time conversation around the VMAs to life on live television for 11.4 million viewers.


The Fledgling Initiative

There can be a new definition of success for startups of all shapes and sizes. Ev and I spend an hour with every new Twitter employee as part of the orientation process and during this hour we cover quite a bit of material—including our mistakes and our aspirations. New team members learn that with their help we will make a positive global impact, we will build a successful business, and we will have fun along the way. Ev often punctuates this point emphatically stating that success is only defined by all three of these goals.


All about the "onMouseOver" incident

The short story: This morning at 2:54 am PDT Twitter was notified of a security exploit that surfaced about a half hour before that, and we immediately went to work on fixing it. By 7:00 am PDT, the primary issue was solved. And, by 9:15 am PDT, a more minor but related issue tied to hovercards was also fixed.


A Better Twitter

Twitter is the best way to discover what’s new in your world. From football to film to philanthropy, people are using Twitter to discover what’s new about what they find interesting.

Twitter has always been about getting a lot in a little. The constraint of 140 characters drives conciseness and lets you quickly discover and share what’s happening. Yet, we’ve learned something since starting Twitter—life doesn’t always fit into 140 characters or less.


New York Fashion Week #NYFW

It’s New York’s biggest week in fashion, and Twitter is bringing you a front row seat.

Starting today, Twitter and American Express will provide real-time access to Fashion Week featuring exclusive photos, commentary, and first looks at the top names in fashion.

Go to to join the conversation and get insider access to the best Fashion Week has to offer.


The Evolving Ecosystem

Just over four months ago, at Chirp, our Twitter developer conference, I talked about how “Twitter is too hard” and what we’re doing to address that.


Twitter for iPad: Sharing content in Tweets

People are increasingly sharing different types of information on Twitter. For example, Tweets point to web pages, photos, videos, hashtags, people, check-ins, and more. Exploring Tweets is a great way to discover new and interesting information. And with devices of all shapes and sizes connecting to the Internet, we’re constantly looking for new ways to make this easier.