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Results from The Twitter Blog for: October 2010

New Twitter, new look

We’ve refreshed our logos, buttons and widgets to bring the improved look and experience of the new Twitter to your website or blog.

Go to our resources page to add new Twitter widgets, buttons, and logos to your site. These resources are free for you to use, as long as you follow the updated Guidelines for Use of the Twitter Trademarks.


Twitter for Windows Phone: Pivot Power


There is a new addition to our mobile family: Twitter for Windows Phone. This Twitter client is available now for all Windows Phone 7 devices. We want you to be able to get Tweets quickly and easily, no matter what device you’re using, and the clean design of the Windows Phone platform is particularly great for this.


A Guest Post from Haiti

We had the opportunity to meet Luke Renner in person not too long ago. He shared his story with us about being an American expat in Haiti and witnessing the devastation of the quake this year. Luke runs the Carribean Institute of Media Technology there where he educates the community about modern technologies. Below is his inspiring story, in his own words.

Twitter In Haiti


@NBA season tip-off

Now that the free-agency dust has settled and the first @NBA games are happening tonight, it’s time to see how the 2010-2011 season will unfold. Will the #lebrondecision to join @chrisbosh and @dwadeofficial on the @MiamiHeat be the right one?


#TwitterTip: Freshen up with a new background for the revamped layout.

Ah, profile backgrounds. The wardrobe of your online self. Now that the interface has been overhauled, it’s the perfect time to toss last year’s look and freshen up with a new one.


A World of Tweets

Twitter shortens the distance between people and provides access to different cultures and events around the world that may otherwise remain contained to a locality. In fact, as this post is being written, worldwide trending topics include Tweets about a Moscow soccer team, a Brazilian politician and a Dutch TV show character.


A Good Integration


Here at Twitter Support, we’re always looking for ways to help people better understand and find value on Twitter. Our few dozen support agents, including myself, work daily with Twitter’s user-base to help enhance and improve their experience of the site. “Twitter Tips” – a series of blog posts aimed at helping you get the most out of Twitter – is an extension of that effort. We’ll explain features that average Twitterers may not know about and open doors to discovery on our site. Through these tips, we hope to enhance your experience of our product. Here it goes!



Most everything we design and build at Twitter is refined or even created after watching how people use Twitter. So, as a design researcher, I couldn’t be more thrilled to be one week into a three-week-trip across North America to better understand real-life Twitter-usage and learn what we can do to continue improving the service.


A Triumph for Chile

This week, people around the world expressed solidarity in celebrating the rescue of 33 miners trapped deep in northern Chile’s San Jose Mine for 69 days. Twitter became a central point for the expression of their support, with more than two million rescue-related Tweets on October 13, the day the rescue began.