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Results from The Twitter Blog for: November 2010

Discover: Your Appetite

Have you ever found yourself wondering where that taco truck you went to yesterday is parked today? Or had a nightmare that you forgot to make a dessert for your holiday dinner party and woke up frantically trying to decide what to cook? Before they even emerge, these questions and fears can be quelled by following the right sources on Twitter.

Since Thanksgiving is coming up and food is top-of-mind for many, we’re highlighting some of the discoveries that will help satisfy your tastebuds and get your kitchen wafting with aroma.

A Lifeline:Read more…


Tip #43: Use your mobile phone to get @replies and mentions via text message.

Planning a super busy weekend away from your computer? Take one key part of Twitter with you while you’re on the go. Read on to learn how to get all your @replies and mentions delivered to your mobile phone via text message.Read more…

Instant Notifications

When you’re out and about, your phone probably isn’t always in front of you. It might be in your pocket or purse or on a table – perhaps with the screen off. We want to make sure you see important Tweets even when you’re not looking at Twitter at the moment. To help with that, today we’re launching push notifications for @mentions.Read more…

More Cities, More Trends, More Understanding


We’re happy to announce two improvements that will help people connect and discover what’s new — no matter where they are in the world or what languages they speak.

Almost any topic you can imagine is being discussed on Twitter. The most mentioned ones get highlighted as a Trending Topic in real time, letting people zero in on hot news in specific locations as it’s bubbling.Read more…

Discover: Music


Twitter + Ping = Discovering More Music

Every day, millions of people use Twitter to follow and share what they care about. Twitter users now send over 95 million Tweets a day, many of which are about the music they’re listening to.

Starting today Ping, iTunes’ new social network for music, and Twitter are making it even easier for people to share music discoveries with their friends by putting Ping activity, song previews and links to purchase and download music from the iTunes Store right in their Tweets on more…


Tip #367: Learn to pay attention to the filmstrip icon.

Studies have shown that a short break during the day to watch (or share) something entertaining raises dopamine levels in the brain, which leads to clearer thinking and increased productivity. Just the other day, my friend tweeted this message with a fantastic video from RadioLab – watching it provided a much-needed breather in the middle of my busy day.Read more…

Account for Haiti


Nine months after the earthquake, Haiti is now shelled with another crisis: a cholera outbreak in the western region. More than 300 people have died so far, and aid organizations of all sizes are working to provide rapid support to contain it. Read more…

Thu, 11/04/2010 - 03:55

Every day, millions of people use Twitter to share information and links about what’s happening right now. Many of those links are to the bands and songs they’re listening to. We’re working with Apple to make that music sharing experience even easier.

Starting today, we’re integrating iTunes Ping and Twitter to make it easier for people to share music in Tweets, preview songs right from, and quickly act on their interests with direct link to purchase music on iTunes.Read more…

Twitter for Android: Update available

Today we’re releasing an updated version of Twitter for Android, which includes some awesome enhancements and introduces a more consistent experience across our mobile clients.Read more…