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Results from The Twitter Blog for: 2011

Let’s Fly: TweetDeck

TweetDeck is indispensable for tracking the real-time conversations about any given topic on Twitter. Last week we made TweetDeck available on the web for the first time.

Built with HTML5, the web version of TweetDeck syncs your accounts, columns, layout and settings whenever and wherever you sign in. And, TweetDeck now reflects the overall design of Twitter with Profile and Tweet box pop-ups.


Tonight in Iowa: tweeting the debates

Political debates give citizens a way to hear from the candidates themselves on the issues that matter most. In the past, we’ve all experienced this important phase in the election cycle by gathering around the TV to watch candidates exchange views in real time.


Let’s Fly: Mobile

Last week we announced a new version of Twitter that provides a familiar experience across the web and mobile phones. We are rolling out the new version to over the next few weeks, and you can see it now on Twitter for iPhone, Twitter for Android and our mobile web app -

Here are some tips to help you enjoy the new version of Twitter on your phone.


Let's Fly

Update - 3:15pm PT More news: Read about enhanced profile pages, on the advertising blog, and embeddable Tweets, on the dev blog.


#YearInReview: Tweets Per Second

Today’s installment of #YearInReview charts the top Tweets Per Second (TPS) of 2011.

The biggest moments on Twitter this year were live events and breaking news, when millions of people came together to watch significant events as they unfolded in real time. These moments range from natural disasters and geopolitical happenings to championship games, and reflect the way people turn to Twitter for a fast, simple way to communicate.


#YearInReview: Hot Topics and Top Hashtags of 2011


Today’s edition of Twitter’s #YearInReview highlights the leading topics and hashtags of the year. From news of Mubarak’s resignation in Egypt to buzz about which McDonald’s restaurants serve McLobster, the top trends that emerged on Twitter in 2011 reflect the diverse things that matter to us in our daily lives.


#YearInReview: Who Joined Twitter in 2011?


If you joined Twitter this year, you’re in excellent company: other new Tweeters include Nelson Mandela, Joe Biden, Plaxico Burress, Christina Aguilera, Salman Rushdie, New York Times Executive Editor Jill Abramson, and the Pope.


#YearInReview: The Year in Stories

The December edition of Twitter Stories highlights ten remarkable moments of 2011. From the man who inadvertently live-tweeted the raid on Osama bin Laden’s compound to the homeless dad who was reunited with his daughter after years of separation, this list, which doubles as the annual “Year in Stories,” chronicles how people use Twitter to make a difference in ways that are both personal and universal. Here’s one story:


Discover: Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Day is upon us—tomorrow families and friends across the U.S. will gather to feast, relax and watch football or movies. It seems like a good time to share all the ways to enjoy our national holiday of gratitude on Twitter.


Once in a lifetime

Increasingly people flock to Twitter to discover information and connect around occurrences like natural disasters, sporting events and cultural moments. And then there are times when Twitter is where you might go to experience an infrequent curiosity.

Take last Friday, which was November 11, 2011. Whether you were inclined to crack a joke about this rare binary occurrence, wax poetic about its meaning, or join in a global game to share photos at 11 a.m. and 11 p.m., numerology dominated the conversation.