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Results from The Twitter Blog for: May 2011

Introducing the Follow Button

When you follow interesting accounts on Twitter, it’s easy to stay connected with what’s most meaningful to you. Today we’re excited to launch the Follow Button, a new way to discover and instantly follow Twitter accounts directly from the websites you visit every day.


All Decked Out

Mission: Permission

The Twitter ecosystem contains hundreds of thousands of interesting third-party applications designed to enhance your Twitter experience. Third-party apps let you do things like automatically share your Tweets on other networks, connect to other players on gaming platforms, or instantly tweet whenever you update your blog.

All third-party applications that you allow to access your Twitter account go through a permissions process. Today we’re announcing an update to help you make more informed choices about the way third-party apps integrate with your Twitter account:


Twitter for Mac update

When Twitter for Mac launched at the beginning of the year it received praise for its simplicity, speed and look. It also came packed with features like auto-shortened URLs, Tweets appearing in real-time, and multi-account support.Today, we’re releasing the first major update to Twitter for Mac. Some of the highlights:


A better app for your mobile browser

We want you to be able to access Twitter no matter where you are; regardless of what device you use; or, whether you prefer to access Twitter through a mobile application or the browser. Today, we’re starting to roll out a new version of for mobile devices. This web app allows us to immediately provide a high-quality and consistent Twitter experience on any device – whether or not an official Twitter application is available.


Your Mom...On Twitter

When you’re hanging with your mom this Mother’s Day, try teaching her a thing or two about Twitter. As you see in the above video, moms on Twitter are like moms in real life: fun, funny, caring, adorable and engaging. It’ll bring you closer and provide some laughs as well.

Here are some things to prepare for…

She says, “But, I don’t have anything to say.”


Watching Together: Twitter and TV

TV and Twitter have a special connection. Broadcasters are eager to provide new ways to drive viewer engagement. Twitter provides a forum for real-time context and commentary that turns watchers into participants.

Over the past few years, Twitter’s media team has worked with broadcasters on a new interactive experience. The video below showcases some of the on-air best practices broadcasters have embraced: