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Results from The Twitter Blog for: August 2011

A new resource for non-profits

When an individual or organization wants to affect social change, the first thing they need to do is raise awareness. As more and more non-profits join Twitter to give their cause a voice and gain support, they are seeking advice on how use the platform most effectively.


Weather: So hot right now

People send more than 200 Tweets per minute about the weather. When conditions turn severe, weather-related Tweets double, as people share powerful personal stories along with reports of hurricanes, heat waves and blizzards.


Thu, 08/11/2011 - 02:33

Weather is part of everyone’s daily life. Not surprisingly, people on Twitter are talking about the weather every minute of every day. In fact, on average, people send some 200 Tweets per minute about the weather. When the weather is particularly noteworthy, that number jumps to 300-500 weather-related Tweets per minute.


Show me more

Today, we’re rolling out two new features on that help you discover more on Twitter. You can now see when someone favorites or retweets one of your Tweets. You can also learn which Tweets are most interesting and inspiring to the people you follow.

The first new feature offers a simple way to see what’s happening on Twitter in relation to you. Just click on the new tab with your @username, and you’ll be able to see which of your Tweets are Favorites, plus the latest Retweets (of your Tweets), Tweets directed to you, and your new Followers.


Your world, more connected

Twitter continues to grow around the globe at a record pace. Just a year ago, we delivered 65 million Tweets a day. Today, we generate over 200 million Tweets per day. One year ago, there were approximately 150,000 registered Twitter apps. Now, there are more than one million that connect to Twitter. And our team has grown from 250 people to more than 600 in the past 12 months.


It takes a community to translate Twitter

Twitter celebrated its first non-English launch in April 2008 with the release of Twitter in Japanese. In November 2009, Twitter launched it’s second and third languages: Spanish and French. And, with today’s launch of Dutch and Indonesian, Twitter has been fully translated into eleven languages.