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Results from The Twitter Blog for: August 2012

Remembering the first man on the moon

When the path-breaking American astronaut Neil Armstrong passed away at age 82 on August 25th, Twitter lit up as people around the world shared the news. Within about a day, their conversations and condolences added up to 1.6 million Tweets.


A four million Tweet convention: That’s a wrap for #GOP2012

It’s the final night of the #GOP2012 convention and it was a blockbuster ending in terms of the conversation on Twitter. Tonight, the total number of Tweets sent about the Republican National Convention hit four million soon after the end of Governor Romney’s speech — nearly doubling the total count before today.


Talking Twitter at the #GOP2012 Convention #2

While we’re here in Tampa, we’ve been talking to journalists, candidates, political pundits and more about the way Twitter has affected the election and their work. Now we’re talking with @BretBaier, Anchor of FOX News Channel’s Special Report. 


Talking Twitter at the #GOP2012 Convention

While we’re here in Tampa, we’ve been talking to journalists, candidates, political pundits and others about the way Twitter has influenced the election and their work. Today, we’re talking with Ben Smith, Editor-in-Chief of @BuzzFeedBen and his team are among the most-followed political reporters on Twitter. Their groundbreaking approach to Twitter for election coverage is as worthy of buzz as the campaigns themselves.


The Premios Tu Mundo Awards: Where your Tweet counts

On Thursday, @Telemundo fans can tweet to the beat of the night, and get even closer to the inside action at @PremiosTuMundo Awards, celebrating the year’s best in pop culture.

As music fans already know, Twitter is a must-use tool for catching a glimpse of artists’ behind-the-scenes snapshots, participating in conversation during those “wow” moments, and, of course, showing support for the winners.


RNC Night Two: Paul Ryan takes the stage

Tonight delegates from across the country gathered in the Tampa Bay Times Forum for the second night of speeches at the Republican National Convention. The headliner was Rep. Paul Ryan, who was officially nominated to become the Vice Presidential nominee. Ryan excited the crowd and got people talking on Twitter… In fact, Tweets about the #GOP2012 convention topped two million as Ryan took the stage—six times the Tweets sent about the 2008 conventions combined.


Twitter Certified Products: Tools for Businesses

As the number of businesses that turn to Twitter to keep in touch with their customers grows, so does the variety of their needs. We hear continually from companies looking for tools to help them engage with customers, understand what people are saying about them on Twitter, and learn more about their followers so they can share more valuable, timely content.


Here come the Paralympics


Just as Olympics withdrawal is starting to set in for many of us, the 2012 Paralympics are getting underway. During the Olympic Games, fans around the world sent more than 150 million Tweets cheering for their athletes and teams. As we head into the Paralympics, Twitter will once again be the place to watch the competition unfold, as well as get closer to the extraordinary stories of the Paralympic athletes.


Tweets rev up as RNC kicks off

The Republican National Convention officially began yesterday but the big ticket activities kicked off today. First order of business: formally selecting @MittRomney as the Republican nominee for President. Tweets related to #GOP2012 during today’s roll call peaked at 1,448 per minute at 5:44p ET — the first large spike in conversation of the convention.


Tweets from Tampa

Here in Tampa at the 2012 Republican National Convention, hashtags are the new political slogan: