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Results from Advertising for: 2011

Twitter Ads for Good

Since our beginning, Twitter has been committed to giving back through community involvement and social responsibility. When we launched our advertising platform in April 2010 with Promoted Tweets, we started with just six advertisers — and two charities. Since then we’ve offered 501(c)(3) non-profits a way to participate through an ongoing pro-bono program that grants them Promoted Tweets and Promoted Accounts. To date, more than 50 organizations worldwide have received pro-bono ads amounting to over $300,000 worth of donated advertising on our platform.


Let your brand take flight on Twitter with enhanced profile pages

Earlier today we announced a new version of Twitter that makes it easier for users to discover what’s happening now. As part of this release, we are introducing enhanced profile pages that help marketers create an even more compelling destination on Twitter for their brands.


#YearInReview: A Golden Tweet for @Wendys

@Bonobos Twitter exclusive flash sale delivers 1,200% ROI

Every fashion forward man needs a pair of “Boo!-Ya” glow in the dark pants or a floral print of “Photosynthepants.” Whimsy is not unfamiliar territory for men’s apparel brand and e-tailer, Bonobos, which also offers an extensive selection of men’s clothing that are more suited for everyday wear.


Promoted Tweets in timelines: success stories

We’ve recently expanded Promoted Tweets to appear in users’ timelines, and the results are in: Promoted Tweets in timelines are driving engagement.


Promoted Tweets in timelines

Promoted Tweets allow brands to spread their message in ways that engage users and drive conversations about their products. Promoted Tweets are offered on a Cost-per-Engagement (CPE) basis, so you only pay when someone clicks, retweets, replies to, or favorites your Promoted Tweet. In addition, impressions on Retweets are free and can amplify the reach and cost-effectiveness of your campaign many times over.


#Super8Secret leads to box office breakthrough

For Steven Spielberg’s and J.J. Abrams’s much anticipated sci-fi thriller, Super 8, Paramount Pictures was challenged with a modest marketing budget in a summer full of huge blockbusters. Their goal: quickly increase awareness and ramp-up box office results for opening weekend.


Let's #party4good

As part of our industry presence during Advertising Week in New York, Twitter has curated a photographic exhibit to showcase a few of the people and organizations that are changing the world, one Tweet at a time. The exhibit contains a series of dramatic photographic images combined with historical Tweets that tell powerful stories of ‘doing good’ and the role that Twitter has played in amplifying those efforts.


The power of engagement


It’s Advertising Week in New York, when the industry’s leaders come together to share ideas, innovation and inspiration - in person and, undoubtedly, on Twitter. Today we are adding to the conversation with the launch of our Twitter advertising blog and the @TwitterAds account.