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Results from Advertising for: October 2012

Gender targeting for Promoted Products now available

We’ve frequently heard from marketers that you’d like to be able to target your Promoted Products campaigns by gender. It’s a tough feature for us to pull off since we don’t ask people to share their gender on Twitter, and some people don’t identify themselves by gender anyway. Further, we’re not aware of any “male” or “female” businesses or organizations. 


How Tweets influence political donations: New Twitter study with Compete

In August, nearly two million Tweets were being sent every week about the presidential candidates. Last Wednesday night, the first 2012 presidential debate sparked more than 10 million Tweets and became the most tweeted event in U.S. politics.


How real-time brands adapt to the moment on Twitter

Today, more than half of Twitter users follow six or more brands. This offers businesses a unique opportunity to engage people on Twitter in real-time conversations. During our “Building a Real-Time Brand” session at #AWIX, we shared some examples of how marketers are adapting campaigns to the moment and driving powerful results.

P&G’s Tide listens for brand-relevant conversations


IAB MIXX Awards: Five digital trends marketers need to know

Every year during Advertising Week, The IAB MIXX Awards celebrate that powerful intersection where technology meets creativity. As a judge for this year’s awards, I had the honor of discussing and debating some of the industry’s most impressive campaigns to help select the winners, which were unveiled at last night’s gala. A few common themes emerged after reviewing over 100 entries across 27 categories. These are some of the trends that translated into digital bronze, silver and gold for many of the MIXX finalists:


Survey says...Nielsen brand impact on Twitter

With 400 million Tweets occurring every day throughout the world, consumers and brands on Twitter have a unique opportunity to listen and engage in a variety of topics and conversations. As marketers invest in opportunities to connect with users through Twitter’s Promoted Products, we are focused on delivering tools to help brands measure and understand the value of those campaigns.


Twitter at #AWIX in Tweets


It’s day two at Advertising Week and our favorite little blue bird has been all over town. On screen after screen, he’s appeared alongside #AWIX session hashtags - a reflection of how real-time conversations at this industry event are happening on Twitter.