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Results from Advertising for: March 2012

Twitter advertising for small businesses

Today, we are announcing an advertising solution that makes it easy for small businesses to set up an advertising account on their own and amplify their messages on Twitter. Whether it’s an independent bookstore or an online jewelry retailer, small businesses will soon be able to easily build a larger base of engaged followers by promoting their accounts. They can also feature promotions and messages more prominently in their customers’ Twitter timelines, and find new customers by promoting Tweets.


Battle of the brands: Twitter Ad Scrimmage recap

Last year, @Audi made headlines by being one of the first brands to integrate a hashtag into its Super Bowl commercial. This year, savvy marketers took notice — one in five brands included a hashtag to drive conversations on Twitter.


Twitter Ad Scrimmage for Super Bowl XLVI

Super Bowl XLVI will be an epic rematch from four years ago, when the New York Giants (@Giants) miraculously tainted the New England Patriots’ (@Patriots) perfect season by defeating them in Super Bowl XLII. @Patriots will undoubtedly #bringit this time around but the battle doesn’t just start and end on the football field.