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Results from Advertising for: September 2012

Advertising Week 2012: Top Twitter sessions to attend

Certified Products Program: Tools to help businesses be more successful on Twitter

Need comprehensive tools to measure the success of your marketing campaigns on Twitter? Wondering how to determine the best content to tweet to drive the most engagement? Looking for a monitoring solution that alerts you to every one of your brand mentions in real time?


New Twitter profile pages: A richer way to showcase your brand and engage consumers

Every day, consumers visit Twitter profile pages to connect with the people, businesses and brands that interest them. This makes the profile page a key part of any brand’s online presence. Today, we are announcing a design enhancement to profile pages that will give all Twitter users a richer canvas to showcase themselves and drive stronger engagement across platforms. 


New enhanced geo-targeting for marketers

We’ve been introducing new ways to connect users with Tweets and accounts that they may be interested in. To help marketers reach relevant audiences around the globe with ever-greater precision, today we’re unveiling some enhancements to our geo-targeting capabilities for Promoted Tweets and Promoted Accounts.


Two new features for self-service advertisers

In March, we announced our self-service advertising solution, giving small businesses an easy way to use Promoted Accounts and Promoted Tweets. Since then, many of our early advertisers are finding success and driving results with Twitter advertising. Today, we’re releasing two new enhancements that our advertisers frequently request: follower growth reporting and manual Promoted Tweet selection.