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Results from Advertising for: January 2013

Connecting advertisers to Twitter users around the world

Every month, 200 million users worldwide turn to Twitter to connect to their interests. Last summer, the world came together on Twitter and sent over 150 million Tweets during the 2012 Summer Olympics in London. Last month, the world watched as Pope Benedict XVI sent his first Tweets in eight languages.


#TwitterDC event: Lessons from #Election2012 and best practices for 2013

This week, our Washington Twitter team convened a #TwitterDC event for advertisers, associations, issue advocacy groups, nonprofits and agencies to share lessons learned from the U.S. presidential election.


NRF Annual Convention: Four tips for small retailers on Twitter

In my role at Twitter, I work with a spectrum of businesses – both large and small. This year, I’ll be traveling around the world and am particularly excited to meet with smaller businesses to share how Twitter can help them grow. This week, at the National Retail Federation (NRF) Annual Convention in New York City, I spoke about the future of retail during the “Main Street Retailing Forum” keynote.


#CES 2013: The winners on Twitter


Every year, the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) brings tech lovers closer to the hottest new gadgets about to hit the market. But technology that gets unveiled in Vegas, doesn’t stay in Vegas. It gets tweeted.


Amplifiers study: The Twitter users who are most likely to retweet and how to engage them

Platforms like Twitter have redefined the relationship between advertisers and their audiences. Today, anyone on Twitter can engage a brand in real-time conversations and even help spread a brand’s messages. In fact, with every reply, favorite or Retweet, Twitter users drive earned media for businesses that can make a big impact on ROI over time.