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Results from Advertising for: March 2013

#TwitterBrasil: Open for business

Brazilians have always been enthusiastic early adopters of new technologies and communications platforms. We have a natural passion to communicate, interact, share experiences and exchange information.

In December, we opened Twitter’s local office and operations in Brazil with the goal of supporting local partners and users more directly. Last week, we gathered clients and executives from the Brazilian advertising industry for the official launch of Twitter in Brazil at the Museum of Image and Sound of São Paulo (MIS).


New study: How Tweets influence mobile and tech shoppers in the UK

When it comes to product launches, special sales and shopping seasons, tweeting about your brand and product is an effective way to raise awareness and interests among your audience. To understand exactly how Twitter helps companies connect with their target consumers, we partnered with Compete (@Compete) and looked at how Tweets from mobile product and carrier brands influence the U.K. shoppers who see them.


Q&A with CEO Josh James: The value of my Twitter followers


@TwitterAds: Tells us about your background and your latest venture?

@joshjames: I co-founded the web analytics company, Omniture, which became the second largest SaaS business behind We took Omniture public in 2006 and sold it three years later to Adobe for $1.8B.


Announcing the Twitter Ads API

Since we launched Promoted Tweets in April 2010, marketers have come to Twitter to reach new audiences and engage with more than 200 million active Twitter users on the web, on mobile devices, and on tablets. As interest in Twitter has grown, our focus has been on delivering better ads for users, not more ads. We believe our system is working well because users like the ads experience on Twitter. Our system rewards marketers for being good, not for being loud. And this approach encourages ads that are engaging, relevant and useful.


A new Compete study: Mobile users in the UK

We recently explored the behaviour of US mobile users on Twitter. Working with Compete, we’ve now conducted a similar study to better understand mobile users in the UK. Check out this infographic to see how Twitter UK reaches users on the sofa, on the move and in moment.

Download the Twitter mobile users in the UK infographic.


Real-time marketing spotlight: General Electric’s #IWantToInvent

February 11 is Thomas Edison’s birthday and is celebrated as Inventors’ Day. Every year, General Electric (@GeneralElectric) uses the holiday as an opportunity to spotlight its own culture of invention and innovation. On Monday, the brand turned to Twitter to spark conversations and imaginations with the #IWantToInvent campaign.


New Compete study: Primary mobile users on Twitter

We like to say that Twitter was born mobile. After all, the 140 character limit of Tweets was based on text messaging or SMS constraints. That means our platform was actually designed to allow anyone, anywhere to read, write and share Tweets.

Today, mobile is often the primary way people around the globe experience Twitter. Sixty percent of our 200 million active users log in via a mobile device at least once every month. So how is a user that accesses Twitter primarily on mobile different from the average Twitter user?


What is your business doing for #Valentines Day?

Still looking for that special something for your valentine? You’re not alone.

According to a study by Shopzilla, 75% of gift givers admit to just “winging it” when it comes to Valentine’s Day gifts, and 49% of them say finding a gift is their biggest worry this year.

On Twitter, your business has the opportunity to help these poor love birds and, in turn, help grow your business. Here are some sources of Tweet inspiration we’ve found this #Valentines Day:


The #AdScrimmage 2013 winner and the top Super Bowl ad hashtags

Forty-six Super Bowl ads competed for bragging rights. One clear champion has emerged. The ad with the most votes in the second annual Twitter #AdScrimmage is Samsung’s “Next Big Thing.”