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Results from Advertising for: April 2013

Twitter Ads now generally available for U.S. users

When we built our self-service ad platform last March, our goal was to create an experience that would be powerful and also extremely easy for anybody to use.


Deloitte UK study: Twitter buzz helps drive video game sales

With over 400 million Tweets generated worldwide on a daily basis, Twitter is a platform where people talk about the products and brands that they care about most. How does conversation on Twitter impact purchases offline? Does the general sentiment of people’s conversation matter?


Introducing Keyword Targeting in Timelines

Advertising on Twitter works well because the experience is built into the fabric of the product: a Promoted Tweet, for instance, is simply a Tweet targeted using the interest graph formed from public user signals like follows.

Until today, the content of Tweets has only been one factor among many in shaping the interest graph. Today, it becomes a first-class citizen. We’re excited to roll out the newest feature on our ad platform, keyword targeting in timelines, available today in all languages and markets where Twitter Ads are supported


The new Learn to tweet your way to #success

Since Twitter is such a dynamic new platform, marketers have a lot of questions. How do I connect with the right audience? How do I do that real-time marketing thing? How do I make 140 characters sing?

For the answer to these questions and more, we welcome you to visit our redesigned go-to resource for businesses: