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Results from Data for: July 2015

Twitter data for research: from understanding relationships to spotting the Aurora Borealis

How Twitter data is being used in research — and what we can learn from the world’s largest archive of human behavior.


Growth in the Twitter data ecosystem

We’re talking about what’s happening with the Twitter data ecosystem including innovative new products, new investments being made and global growth.


How Twitter data can play a role in customer service

McKinsey & Company believes that brands should be helping customers on Twitter. Brands can use Twitter data to improve their ability to resolve customers issues and meet growing demand, while reducing costs and increasing customer satisfaction.


Trend detection in social data

A new white paper on how trend detection allows companies to detect a surge of popularity in Tweets, making it easier to pick up on crises, disasters or other unexpected events.


Analyzing coffee around the world

We can learn a lot about the world’s food habits with Twitter data.


Using Twitter data to study the world's health

This week we’re profiling Dr. John Brownstein at the HealthMap team at Boston Children’s Hospital on his research using Twitter data to study the world’s illnesses and how diseases spread. We’ll look at his research and how he got started in digital epidemiology — and what this all means for public health.


Welcome to Twitter Data

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