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Building the Future of the Twitter API Platform

Twitter’s API platform enables a robust ecosystem of developers and innovators to build solutions using public Twitter data that serve a wide range of needs. Today, we’re excited to announce that we’ll be unifying our API platform to make it easier for developers to build new applications that can smoothly scale as they grow. We’re also launching new APIs and endpoints that enable developers to build on the unique attributes of Twitter to create better experiences for businesses.


New APIs to power the future of customer engagement in Direct Messages

Today we are opening up access to several new Direct Message APIs so that developers can build better personalized customer experiences at scale. These APIs are designed to help businesses use the entire Twitter platform, from public Tweets to private Direct Messages, to deliver faster, richer, and more engaging human- and bot-powered customer service, marketing, and engagement experiences.

These APIs enable innovative interactions in Direct Messages, like what @United has created for exploring travel.


Introducing the Periscope Producer API

From GoPro cameras and drones to 360 cameras and other external sources, we are passionate about giving people the tools they need to create compelling, interactive live videos.


New Twitter Kit release supports Vine Camera videos

Twitter Kit updates for Android and iOS support new looping video playback. Available now through Fabric and Cocoapods!


Announcing embedded timeline support in the official Twitter WordPress plugin

In 2015, we launched the official Twitter plugin for WordPress to help sites powered by WordPress embed Twitter content and grow their audience on Twitter. Today we’re excited to announce an update that makes it even easier than ever to bring fresh, relevant content into your WordPress-powered site.


Fabric to Become Part of Google’s Developer Platform

Developers are an important part of the Twitter ecosystem and have been since the earliest days. Over time, we expanded our developer platform from a set of APIs to include a suite of syndicated products, a data platform (via Gnip), a publisher monetization platform (through MoPub), and a suite of mobile developer offerings through Fabric.


A New Tool to Automatically Refine Twitter Content in Your App

Today we’re releasing an experimental feature in Twitter Kit, enabling you to automatically filter Tweets in timelines. Use this to take control of the content displayed in your apps.


Case Study: How Easy scaled their app to meet global demand with Fabric

Learn How Easy scaled their app to meet global demand with Fabric


Quote this! Twitter Kit now displays all common Tweet attachments

New Twitter Kit update handles all Tweet attachments! Quotes, photo sets, video playback and interaction are all wrapped up for you to drop easily into your app.


Twitter Developer Communities: get to know your local developers

Today we’re announcing Twitter Developer Communities — a program that enables developers to come together and grow their own communities across the globe, and connect with each other locally, online, or with the @TwitterDev team.